Sharing my enthusiasm

I can get a little bit excited about science. There are so many wonders to explore I just can’t contain myself so I started telling people about it. Now I write shows, articles and will generally have a bit of a chat with anyone. For the past few years I have toured the UK writing, developing and performing science shows.


I’ve had shows at Cheltenham, The British, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh science festivals. I’ve worked with the BBC and independent production companies; I’ve spoken at schools and universities; set fires in science centres and interpreted energy with dance troupes.


Science has taken me from basement bars to the painted hall of the maritime museum via muddy fields and recording studios and what an adventure it has been! I always look forward to my next project.


Below you can see some of the organisations I've worked with over the years.


You can find more on specific shows here


If you have an idea for a new project or would like to book a show then please get in touch

Below are some of the organisations I've worked with:

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