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Academic Work

I’ve had a love affair with science and engineering since as a child I smashed all my favorite toys with a hammer to find out how they worked inside. Thankfully my methods have been refined but the curiosity remains.

I have a Ph.D in Chemistry and Electrical Engineering as well as an Honours Degree in Chemical Physics, both from the University of Glasgow. I love all aspects of science and so when I got the chance to diversify even further I jumped at it.


My PhD is on thermoelectrics. They are clever little devices- they can take waste heat and convert it directly to useful electricity. Imagine just by walking around the waste heat could be harvested and used to power electrical devices that we carry! I try and make them work a little bit better than they already do. (Interestingly the voyager space probes, the furthest man mad objects from Earth are powered by these devices.)


I’m particularly interesting in energy materials. Clean energy and renewable energy, transporting it, generating it and storing it. I’ve worked with hydrogen storage, components of solar panels and helped in the development of new battery technology. I also am lucky enough to work on nanotechnology, an utterly fascinating area where our horizons are expanding every day.