Salsa in the City

For the past decade I've been an enthusiastic dancer and salsa instructor. I teach classes from absolute beginners through to advanced.


Over the years I've taught hundreds of people to dance, passing on my enthusiastic love of fast-paced salsa and specialise in getting people dancing from their very first class.  

Learning to dance is a wonderful thing - its incredibly social, excellent exercise and gives you an unspoken language which can be used around the world.


In Glasgow I teach for Academia De Salsa. The longest running salsa school in the city we have lots of classes and locations to choose from. To find our more about the classes in Glasgow visit:

Dance with me? 

Dance with me? 

The Science of Dance

As a dancing scientist I've managed to fuse my passion for both by bringing "Strictly Come Scienceing" to venues across the UK including The Royal Institution and Cheltenham Science Festival. 

The show invited researchers and dancers to discuss the overlap between the two. We uncovered the science behind elite dance performance, looked into how dance can be used as a therapy and even how science can improve dance. 


I'd like to thank Dr Emma Redding, Dr Bronwyn Tarr,  Edel Quin,  Dr Sara Houston and Dr Merritt Moore for making these events such a success. 

Dancing Scientist