Quiz Questions

1. Which European country was home to Albert Einstein when he developed his theory of relativity? 

2. In a 1992 film, actress Geraldine Chaplin played the part of a woman she was related to in real life. Which relative did she play? 

3. The name of which quintessentially American spirit is derived from a French royal family?


4. Which of these is not a black and white filter in photo editing - Willow, Inkwell or Valencia? 

5. In which 2014 bestselling book does celebrated physicist Michio Kaku explore the sci-fi-esque frontiers of neat science? 

6. In which sport in the UK might you watch the Braehead Clan take on the Sheffield Steelers? 


7. In which novel does the character Amy Dunne disappear on her wedding anniversary?


8. What distance is the longest sprint race in athletics competitions?


9. Which of these was legalised in Iceland in 1989 - beer, foreign cheese or instant coffee?