The A-Z of Online Engagement: From 'Ask Me Anything' to Zine club.  


Livestream on Twitter via Periscope. YouTube playlist

Duration: 15 min (three time a week)

Description: Live footage from microscopes streamed twitter on Monday’s Wednesday and Fridays with the videos later achieved on YouTube. Link


Cuppa Science

Livestream on Facebook and YouTube

Organiser: Pint of Science

Description: Themed episodes look at different topics with invited speakers asked to share slides and have an interview with the host. Link


Particle Physics Summer School

Lectures and Q&A also virtual tour using Google Maps on Zoom

Organiser: Ben Still and St Paul’s School

Description: A programme of lectures designed for GCSE and A Level students. This is an adapted event from a regular in person event. Link


WISE Code Breaking Challenge

Downloadable puzzle sheet

Organiser: Women in Science and Engineering

Description: A code breaking challenge for ages 7-14 a series of six puzzles to crack a code and be in with a chance to win a computer kit. Link


Great Ormond Street Hospital – Minecraft

Game (Minecraft)

Organiser: Great Ormond Street Hospital

Description: Great Ormond Street Hospital was recreated in Minecraft to allow patients or to explore the setting before their stay to reduce anxiety.



Augmented reality dinosaurs

Augmented reality demonstration

Organiser: Google

Description: When googling dinosaur types such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus the google app will show the dinosaur in your surroundings through your camera.


Via: @SaturnSheila


Live lectures from University of Bath

Facebook Live lecture

Organiser: University of Bath

Description: Live streams of lectures talking about a particular topic. Example


Diamond the Game

Printable board game

Organiser: Dimond synchrotron facility

Description: A board game for 2-5 players which explores the science of the Dimond synchrotron facility. Link

Universilly Challenged

Zoom/ Kahoot quiz

Organiser: Simon Watt and Jonny Berliner

Description: Hosts ask questions and viewers can answer in real time for the chance to win prizes. It is adapted from an online event and has been running monthly since lockdown. There has also been a school’s version. Link


Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas

Livestream presentation

Organiser: University of Edinburgh and Stand Comedy Club

Description: Comedian hosts three academics who examine a controversial or provocative topic. Tickets are pay what you like. Link


VR Duck’s vagina


Organiser: Jules Howard

Description: A researcher gives a guided virtual reality tour of the inside anatomy of a duck’s vagina. Link


Lockdown Lessons

Lectures on Zoom Webinars plus YouTube recordings

Organiser: Imperial College London

Description: Talks showing how the scientists at ICL are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. Link


Science Week Instagram Takeover

Social Media Takeover

Organiser: National Science Week Australia

Description: Each day a different scientist takes over the Instagram account to share videos and images of what they do, this builds up the National Science Week in August. Link


Curiosity Boxes

Postable at home kits

Organiser: Edinburgh BioQuarter

Description: Boxes filled with science activities for local primary school children to use during lockdown. Supported through fundraising. Link


Sci Comm Hour

Twitter Takeover

Organiser: BIG (British Interactive Group)

Description: A different person each week takes over the BIG twitter account to both pose and answer questions about Science Communication. Link


Compound Interest


Organiser: Andy Brunning

Description: Graphics exploring every day chemistry on Twitter (75k followers) and Facebook (308k page Likes) and a book. Link


New Scientist Podcasts


Organiser: New Scientist

Description: Weekly podcasts answering science questions and sharing interviews with scientists on their work. Link


Home learning for 14-16

Teaching resource

Organiser: The Royal Society of Chemistry

Description: A collection of puzzles, games, experiments, videos and examples for use in home learning about chemistry. Link



Teaching resource

Organiser: 1852 Trust

Description: Sports-inspired STEM resources for teachers and home schooling. Link


Discovery Diaries

Teaching resource

Organiser: Curved House Kids

Description: website where you can download creative, cross-curricular science lessons along with differentiated teaching notes, lesson plan templates, PowerPoint presentations, videos. Link


Astronomy Resources

Teaching resource

Organiser: Royal Astronomical Society

Description: A crowd sourced list of astronomy resources to inform and entertain during lockdown. Link


Purls of Wisdom

Art resource

Organiser: Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences

Description: Visualising the Earth’s changing climate with yarn crafting. Downloadable guides. Link

Via: @FossilYarns


Where on Earth do you live

YouTube series

Organiser: Anjana Khatwa

Description: An earth sciences themed YouTube channel created during lockdown. Link


STEM Summer Academy Scotland

Teaching resource

Organiser: STEM Academy Scotland

Description: A university and industry partnership which provides workshops, hands on activities to showcase STEM beyond the classroom. Link


Ignite Resources

Teaching resources

Organiser: Ignite

Description: A bank of creative science activity resources to help those looking after children at home over the next few weeks to help keep them curious! Link

Via: @Rick_Hall


Words on Wonder

Interview blog

Organiser: Matt Prichard

Description: A series of interviews with scientists, authors, and explores. Link


At Home with Lisa

Teaching resources

Organiser: Lisa Taylor

Description: Resources and videos to support the teaching of science at home and in schools during the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020. Link


Global Science Show

Social Media stream

Organiser: Sam Langford

Description: Science Communicators from around the world share a clips of interesting science as they pass the baton around the world. Link


Practical Action Schools

Teaching resources

Organiser: Practical Action

Description: STEM resources on global issues for teachers and to support home learning. Link


Great Science Share

Q&A, YouTube

Organiser: Great Science Share

Description: A campaign to inspire primary and secondary children to share their scientific questions with new audience. Culminates in a day of online lessons and hundreds of pre-submitted questions answered reaching over 80,000 children. Link

Via @Glazgow


Incredibles Ocean TV

YouTube Live stream

Organiser: Incredibles Ocean

Description: Livestream with interviews, Q&A, art, discovery looking at ocean science. Link

Via: @SciRiggsy


Dundee Science Festival Home Learning Programme

Teaching resource

Organiser: Dundee Science Festival

Description: activities and lessons to do at home, each week has a different theme. Link

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Remote Lessons

Teaching resource

Organiser: STEM Learning

Description: To support home teaching, we are offering remotely-delivered, curriculum-linked science lessons for young people aged 5-19 accompanied by live Q&A sessions with our subject experts. Link

Via: @DrJoScience

The Spark

Weekly Magazine

Organiser: Glasgow Science Centre

Description: PDF with puzzles, quizzes, interviews and activities. Link

The Great Exhibition at Home

Video/ virtual exhibition

Organiser: Big Ideas

Description: A virtual exhibition which asks how can engineering help protect the planet. Through seven weeks of content historic and current inventions will be showcased and 1 min contributions are welcomed from schools as part of a competition. Link

Online Science Club

Teaching resource

Organiser: Dr Jo Science

Description: a five week at home science club with activity plans and downloads. Link


Being Human Cafe


Organiser: Being Human Festival

Description: Online or in person chats about humanities research. Link


The Evidence Chamber

Immersive performance

Organiser: Fast Familiar

Description: Online courtroom drama. There’s been a murder. The police have a suspect but the evidence doesn’t paint a clear picture… what will you decide? Link

Via: @hapsci


How to Solve a Murder

Online lesson

Organiser: Edinburgh Science Festival/Digital World

Description: In this interactive lesson, you're going to step into the shoes of a digital forensics specialist and use your digital skills to solve a crime. Link

Via: @blythe_93


The Mirror Trap


Organiser: Simon Watt

Description: Headphone play/experience/installation/horror story about psychology and and quantum physics. Link

Via: @OpheliaBottom


Online lessons

YouTube/ Teaching resource

Organiser: Royal Astronomical Society

Description: Lessons, activities, explanations and guest talks for pre-school and up. Link

Via: @SaturnSheila


Ask Historians

Reddit thread


Description: A Reddit channel where people can post questions and get answers from the 1.2 million readership. Link

Via: @ja_pascoe


Sensory Science

YouTube channel

Organiser: Lightyear Foundation

Description: Ten inclusive science experiments focused around sensory science designed to be accessible for people with additional support needs. Link

Via: @SarahBearchell


Wikipedia Editathon


Organiser: 500 Women Scientists

Description: Users add or edit Wikipedia articles to make it more accurate or representative. Link


Stay at Home Festival

Live stream

Organiser: The Cosmic Shambles Network

Description: Daily live streams including shows, interviews and panel discussions. Viewers are invited to submit questions in advance. Link


Virtual Lobby


Organiser: The Climate Coalition

Description: People are encouraged to sign up to lobby their MP on Zoom. This is adapted from an in person event. Link

Via: @McrMuseum


The Parenting Science Gang

Citizen Science

Organiser: Sophia Collins

Description: Parenting Science Gang is a user-led citizen science project funded by  Wellcome. Parenting Science Gang members will research, design and run our own experiments to answer questions we choose to investigate.  It is organised through four Facebook groups. Link


I’m a Scientist Get me out of here


Organiser: I’m a Scientist

Description: A small group of scientists are paired with a school. The scientists take place in live chats as well as answering questions submitted through a forum. The pupils vote for their favourite scientist with the person with the lowest votes being evicted. Link


Backyard Bioblitz

At home exploration

Organiser: National Geographic

Description: People are encouraged to look for the life around them outside. There is support with species identification. Link

Via: @ScienceArtReach


Food for thought

Community Engagement/ Zoom

Organiser: Glasgow Caledonian University

Description: Researchers give short talks to members of a Housing Association. This is adapted from an in person event. Link


Genetic Unzipped


Organiser: The Genetics Society

Description: Genetics Unzipped will bring you a wide range of stories from the world of genetics, genomics and DNA.  You can expect to hear interviews with experts from around the world, all the latest science news, and a special centenary series celebrating 100 ideas in genetics. Link

Via: @deedavison66


Ask me anything about…


Organiser: St Andrews University

Description: Researchers answer submitted viewer questions. Link


Penguin Watch

Citizen Science

Organiser: Penguin Watch

Description: Viewers help to count penguin populations using images taken from remote cameras. Link


Let’s Go Live

YouTube Live stream

Organiser: Greg Foot and Maddie Ford

Description: Daily science shows for children with new themes each week. Link



Live stream

Organiser: Various

Description: Museum professionals making homemade content. Resulted in a day of content hosted by the BBC. Link




Organiser: iNaturist

Description: An app that identifies plants and animals through photos in real time. Link


Animal Facts


Organiser: Jaida Elcock

Description: Short funny videos each discussing a different animal. Link


Zine Club

Art, creative project

Organiser: Wellcome Trust

Description: An Instagram take over encourages people to make their own zines (a fan/amateur magazine) and to share their creations. Link


Glasgow Women’s Library Game


Organiser: Glasgow women’s library

Description: Explore GWL through a retro style game. Link


The Deep Sea


Organiser: Neal Agarwal

Description: A scrollable website lets people explore the animals which live in the deep ocean. Link

Meet the Maker

Social Media takeover

Organiser: National Portrait Gallery

Description: Each week a creative practitioner is featured on the National Portrait Gallery’s Instagram. Link


National Gallery Quiz

Social Media takeover

Organiser: National Gallery

Description: Weekly multiple choice quizzes featuring works from the collection. Link


Nature Drawing Club

Social Media takeover

Organiser: The Natural History Museum

Description: Social media followers are encouraged to draw pictures and submit them for sharing. Link



YouTube channel

Organiser: TED

Description: Explainer videos covering literature, science, politics and history. Link


The Conversation

Blogging platform

Organiser: The Conversation

Description: The Conversation is a network of not-for-profit media outlets that publish news stories written by academics and researchers. Articles are often picked up and republished by newspapers and magazines. Link