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The object of this game is to create a list of unique answers which fit the categories below. Each answer must start with a randomly chosen letter.  


Object of the game:

Everyone in your room will be given a letter. As soon as the letter is read out loud you will have 3 minutes to write down one thing from each of the categories below. Each thing must start with the letter which was read out and it must be an answer which no one else in your room also wrote down.


How to play

  • Nominate one person the Caller. The Caller will open this website and choose a random letter.

  • The Caller immediately reads the letter out loud and starts the timer. (everyone can start the timer, but the Caller will have final say as to when the time is up).

  • Everyone writes down One thing from each of the categories listed below starting with the letter.

  • When time runs out, the Caller reads out their answers.

  • If anyone has the same answer, they shout out and everyone with that answer scores it out (you only get a point if no one in your room had the same answer).

  • Any answer can be challenged by anyone as wrong, or not in the spirit of the game. If there is an answer that is in doubt, but it to a room vote.

  • Once the Caller has read out all their answers, they tally up their score (one point per unique & correct answer), someone else then reads out their answers to tally up their score.

  • The round is complete when everyone has checked their answers. The winner is the person with the most points.


Play two rounds (choose a second letter and repeat the process), you will have 18 minutes!



  1. University degree subject

  2. Something you would find in a lab

  3. A complaint that Reviewer number two would make about a paper.

  4. Species of tree

  5. Country

  6. Famous Scientist

  7. Something you’d find at a conference buffet

  8. Why finance haven’t processed your purchase order

  9. Word senior university management use far too often

  10. A word that would be used in a Timber 2020 talk abstract

  11. Something that might describe a leaf

  12. Well known forest or wood

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