Top Treks

Hello! Thank you for being interested in beaming in to Top Treks. 


What is it?

It is a live stream that invites guests to share their love of Start Trek by choosing a category to explore. Each guest then counts down their Top 5 examples from that category. Categories can be as familiar or unusual as you like from your top 5 episodes to top 5 times Worf was shut down. 


What can topics be?

Anything at all! We want the sessions to be as interactive as possible so try and think of topics which people might have their own opinions on or be interested in. Topics don’t have to be limited to Trek canon either. You could count down the top 5 biggest cast fall outs, or 5 times Trek influenced the world. 


When/where do they happen? 

They will run on Tuesday evenings going live at 8pm (GMT) in Nov and Dec. They will be live on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter (though platforms may change). The default will be to go live from Jamie’s channels but can be broadcast simultaneously on your own channels if you would like (see below). 


What do I need to do?

There are 4 important steps: 

  • Choose a date (ASAP)

  • Choose a topic (ASAP)

  • Submit your top 5 list (by 5pm the day before at the latest)

  • Join the call 20 min before we go live and chat through your decisions one by one. 


How do I join the call? 

You will join through a browser, chrome is best. You will be sent a link on the day to connect. 


Can I broadcast on my own channels? 

Yes. The stream can go out on multiple channels, so if you want it on your own feeds then get in touch to discuss. 

Current Schedule 

10th Nov: Dan Vo & Chris Ince, Gayest Moments

17th Nov: Alain Kemp, Greatest Quotes 

24th Nov: Alfredo Carpineti, Topic TBC

1st Dec: Andrew Holding, Best story-arcs

8th Dec: Dominic Galliano, topic tbc

15th Dec: TBC