Virtually Social 

A weekly online meet up for people interested in Science Communication and Public Engagement

Virtually Social: Fri 27th March 14:00 

***We're back! After the hugely popular launch Virtual Social is to be a weekly event!***


As events across the country are cancelled, new virtual ones are springing up. Virtually social is a chance to stay connected to the Sci Comm and Engagement Communities. Each week we'll hear from a guest speaker and have opportunity for small group discussions as well as open space for larger conversations. 

If you'd like to be one of the guest speakers on any of the topics below, please get in touch. 


Zoom Link:  

Zoom ID: 422 165 665


You don't have to register but if you'd like a reminder email then sign up below. You can also find the Facebook Event here and on Twitter at #VirtSoc

Upcoming Topics
Fri, Apr 03
Zoom Meeting (422 165 665)
Humanities and Science Engagement
What are the main differences in the way the sectors approach engagement? Hear from our panel of guest speakers.
Fri, Apr 10
Zoom Meeting (422 165 665)
Online Engagement
After 4 weeks of isolation have we innovated or stagnated? Hear from our panel of guest speakers.
Fri, Apr 17
Zoom Meeting (422 165 665)
Schools Engagement
How is isolation affecting the teaching process and can universities support this? Hear from our panel of guest speakers.
Fri, Apr 24
Zoom Meeting (422 165 665)
Long live the REF?
With the goalposts shifting what does the period of isolation mean for the REF? Hear from our panel of guest speakers.
Fri, May 01
Zoom Meeting (422 165 665)
Podcast production
How do you produce the best quality productions from home? Hear from our panel of guest speakers.
Fri, Mar 27
Zoom Meeting (422 165 665)
Plan B: Engagement plans
What actions are organisations taking in the short term and what are they planning for in the long term? Hear from out panel of guest speakers.

What will happen? 

14:00: People join and say hello 

14:10: A guest gives a short talk or news update

14:25: Small group discussions we spilt into smaller groups for discussion 

14:40: Big group chat, everyone comes back to main room to share their discussions and ideas 

Do I need a Zoom account?

No, you can join through the weblink without registering. 


Do I need a webcam? 

No, you don't need to have a cam or to show your face, it is entirely up to you. You are welcome to join and just listen if you'd rather. 

How to join a Zoom meeting