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Dr Jamie Gallagher

Engagement trainer and consultant

Specialist in: 



Meet Jamie

I help researchers connect with people. 


I am an award-winning engagement professional specialising in engagement,  impact  and evaluation.


Working across dozens of institutions and subject areas I have improved the reach, profile and impact of research engagement in almost every academic discipline. 

What I do 

As a communicator I deliver award winning performances bringing research topics to life through storytelling, demonstration and humour. 

As a trainer I share best practice with researchers giving them the tools and knowledge they need to delivery high quality engagement.

Previous clients

Previous clients: 

I felt included in the development of the training as Jamie listened to our requirements for the training and suggested options for various structures and contents that might work for the group. On the day, Jamie’s passion for evaluation definitely came across and there was a great mixture of listening to theories and hands-on activities.

Babraham Institute

Public Engagement workshop
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