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Jamie Gallagher on stage



Award winning communication.

Cutting-edge research.

Original & innovative communication 

If you are looking for a speaker for your event or festival then do please get in touch. On this page you can find out a little of my background and current projects. 


Since 2009 I’ve been communicating current research to non-specialist audiences. I excel in bringing complex topics to life through discussion, games, demonstrations, dance and comedy. Each year I perform live shows to around 15,000 people.


I’ve won a number of awards for my innovative communication and engagement:

  • Winner of the International 3 Minute Thesis Competition.

  • One of The Royal Society of Chemistry’s “Faces of Chemistry”

  • One of the Science Council’s “100 leading practising scientists"

  • Winner of Famelab Scotland and UK runner-up.

I’ve had sell-out shows at most of the UK’s biggest science festivals and while most of my work is live on stage I’ve been on various national TV and radio programs. I’ve also travelled as far afield as Hong Kong and Tanzania to share my love of science.


Science Communication has taken me from the basement bars of Glasgow to tents in the African bush. I've performed science based stand-up at muddy music festivals and danced scientifically in The Royal Institution. What an adventure it has been! I always look forward to my next project.

Find out more about my most in demand shows below. If you'd be interested in me delivering one of these talks for you then please get in touch. I'm also very happy to chat with you to create something new and bespoke. 

Selection of current shows

Jamie Gallagher doing an experiment on stage

Indestructible Energy

The surprising world of energy science

What do petrol, ping pong balls, calories and cookies have in common? Energy!

Materials scientist Dr Jamie Gallagher burns food, smashes eggs and generates electricity as he shows you what energy actually is and why we can’t create or destroy it. Discover how deep space missions are powered, why your phone battery doesn’t last very long and why athletes need special diets.

A silver robot


The amazing world of nanotechnology

All around us as hidden world is taking over, it is a strange alien world where nothing is as it seems - the world of nanotechnology. Join materials scientist Dr Jamie Gallagher as we shrink down and get hands on with the tiny tech that is changing our phones, food, sport and health. Delve into a world where pencils are stronger than steel, metal becomes transparent and robots become doctors.

Jamie Gallagher giving a talk.

Periodic Success

An exploration of the elements 

The periodic table has been an emblem of science for over 100 years. Behind this iconic classroom poster live tales of romance, murder, greed and wonder. Which element will make you reek of garlic? Why do we love gold? And what is the disgusting secret of antimony? Join material scientist Dr Jamie Gallagher on a guided tour around this elemental housing block.

A person touching science

Smartphone Science

The surprising world of energy science

How do different touchscreens work? How can a phone tell who you are from your face, fingerprints or voice? And which part of a smartphone could save you from a volcano? Get ready to unlock the chemistry, physics and engineering of handheld computers with material scientist Dr Jamie Gallagher through exciting demonstrations and large-scale audience participation.

rubber ducks

Plastic Fantastic?

The good and bad of the plastic world

Any shape, colour, property and it’ll last 500 years! Despite the damage plastic does to the environment demand has never been higher. Join materials scientist Dr Jamie Gallagher as he uncovers the amazing properties that lead to the plastic boom and how to tackle the plastic problem.

a cicular saw blade.

Mindblowing Materials

The amazing world of material science

From stone age to space age our history has been shaped by the materials we use and how we use them. Discover how materials scientists are forging a new era with new and interesting materials. Where the worlds of chemistry, engineering and physics blur some of the most amazing discoveries lie in wait. 

Get in touch 

For more information on these shows, or others, please get in touch. I have years of experience delivering fun, educational and interactive shows and activities to audiences of all backgrounds and ages. 

Child's drawing saying "hi this was great"

Note left by an audience member after Indestructible Energy at Cheltenham Science Festival

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