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I am one of the most experienced engagement trainers in the UK. I have helped thousands of people around the world achieve their engagement ambitions through inclusive, interactive and informative workshops. 

Previous clients: 

Help your staff and students unlock their full communication and engagement potential with expert training.


I am one of the most experienced Public Engagement trainers in the UK and have delivered hundreds of workshops around the world. Specialising in impact and evaluation I work with universities, charities and professional bodies to help them achieve their engagement aspirations. 

Most of my workshops are half day or full day sessions but I work with clients to ensure a bespoke approach. Some of my most popular sessions can be found below. 


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about how I could support your organisation, 

"I have to say, it was the most useful, and best organised, training session I have ever attended!"


Selection of most popular training

Can't find what you're looking for? Get in touch to discuss your ideas! 


Hosting a workshop

Jamie Gallagher Public Engagement

Perhaps you have a very clear idea of what you are looking for, or perhaps you just have a couple of ideas as to what your staff or students are interested in. Either way the first thing to do is get in touch. 

Drop me an email and we can discuss the perfect content, duration and format for your workplace.


Once we agree on the content I will send you a course description, objectives and promotional copy to make sharing and advertising your workshop as easy as possible. 

Following the workshop you will be emailed a copy of the slides along with any additional guides I have written. 

Costing (2023-24 booking): 

One hour seminar: £325 +VAT

Half day workshop: £650 +VAT

Full day workshop: £900 +VAT


Return standard travel is required.  Accommodation may also be required. Travel and accommodation arrangements will be mutually agreed in advance. 

Jamie Gallagher trainer

Great course, great presenter. I've attended some other presentation courses, so was afraid that it would be very standard advice, but Jamie really made me think about presenting in new ways

University of Manchester Postgraduate student

It was practical rather than just listening to theory. I was involved in all the activities

University of Manchester Postgraduate student



I felt included in the development of the training as Jamie listened to our requirements for the training and suggested options for various structures and contents that might work for the group. On the day, Jamie’s passion for evaluation definitely came across and there was a great mixture of listening to theories and hands-on activities.

Babraham Institute

Science Communication workshop

Jamie is one of the first external facilitators I reach out to for public engagement work as he has a good understanding of engaged research, is able to motivate researchers and make the area relevant to them, is well organised, approachable and flexible in his approach. I have received excellent feedback from researcher participants and have sat in on some of the training Jamie has delivered which was of a high standard.

Coordinator, Edinburgh Napier University

Evaluation of Public Engagement

Great session, huge fun and transformative of my understanding

University of Glasgow Postgraduate student

Really great workshop. Energetic and enthusiastic presenting made it interesting and enjoyable.

University of Aberdeen student

The best training course I have attended across the whole of my PhD

University of Manchester Postgraduate student

Previous clients


Get in touch

If you would like more information on any of these workshops or seminars and how they can be delivered to your staff or students please get in touch. 

I'm also happy to discuss new and bespoke training tailored to your institution and objectives.

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