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Evaluating Engagement

Discover the secrets of evaluation. This interactive course will guide you through the creation of an evaluation plan, data capture, interpretation and reporting. The session can be a full day, half day, or multiple smaller sessions. 



Successful public engagement can benefit research, researchers and the public – but how do you go about demonstrating this change? This workshop will guide you through the best evaluation processes showing you When, Why and crucially How to use evaluation to give you reliable and clear data. Demonstrate success to funders; record Impact for REF; learn how to improve your processes and have a better understanding of the people you are connecting with.


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the purposes, uses and limitations of evaluation

  • Apply event-appropriate evaluation methods in multiple scenarios

  • Prepare useful, answerable and relevant evaluation questions

  • Devise and deliver your own evaluation plan

  • Interpret and report evaluation data

About Jamie

Dr Jamie Gallagher is an award-winning engagement professional with over ten years’ experience in the delivery and evaluation of quality engagement projects. Working across dozens of institutions and subject areas he has improved the reach, profile and impact of research engagement in almost every academic discipline.


As a specialist in evaluation Jamie provides consultancy services to charities and universities helping them to demonstrate their impact and to understand their audiences and stakeholders. He consulted on dozens of REF impact case studies and works regularly with the vast majority of the Russell Group Universities.  

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