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Organising your event step by step 

Planning for Success 

Having spent ten years organising and delivering engagement events of every flavour I wanted to share some of the tips, tricks and issues I've seen over the years. Successful public engagement isn't all about talent, topic or luck - skills can be developed, connections made and audiences found for almost every area of study. 

If there is a topic you'd like to see covered then drop me a line. If you'd like me to help you through your engagement planning then I'm available as trainer and consultant and will help you foster real change and impact through engagement. 

Planning for success

I've put together a list of some of the most important but overlooked areas of event planning. 

This blog will take you step by step through some of the most important planning milestones.

One page summary 
Print and keep Planning postcard 
Print and keep Event Pack Checklist postcard 

Working with communities 

There is a huge emphasis on engaging new and diverse audiences but sometimes our enthusiasm leads to problems. 

In this blog piece I set out some of the most important considerations for community engagement.

Risk Assessments

To ensure smooth running and a safe environment for participants and organisers all activities should be risk assessed. 

Download a template form with guidance here

Accessible Engagement

Public engagement events should be as accessible and inclusive as possible. When planning its important to consider audiences with additional support needs and how you can create a welcoming and safe space for all participants. 

In this blog I explore some of the key considerations to make your event accessible. 

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Here you can download the image or pdfs. 

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Improve your intervention, demonstrate success and monitor impact - evaluation is essential but challenging to do effectively. 

Shortly I'll be adding some tips to evaluate your work simply but effectively. 

Coming soon

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