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Impact through Engagement

The course explore how to foster meaningful change through public engagement. From planning to delivery we look at how engagement can create positive change beyond the academic. This course can be delivered as a full day, half day, or segmented series. 



Discover how to create engagement that leads to long lasting and meaningful impact. Through this interactive workshop you will explore the research impact landscape discovering how to create changes and benefits beyond the academic. From planning engagement projects to working with communities this session will show you how to create high quality projects tailored to your subject and skills.

Whether you are new to engagement or looking to get new perspectives on what you can do to improve this workshop is packed with tips, tricks and strategies for making the most of your engagement.



At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:​​

  • Prepare high-quality engagement plans and activities

  • Recognise the benefits of external engagement and how to achieve them

  • Feel comfortable and confident with public engagement

  • Understand the use of evaluation for reporting and monitoring

About Jamie

Jamie is an award-winning communicator and engagement professional with ten years’ experience in the delivery and evaluation of quality engagement projects. Working across dozens of institutions and subject areas he has helped improve the reach, profile and impact of research engagement in almost every discipline.

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