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Powerful Posters

Make the most of your conference experience with a poster thats eye-catching, informative and designed to get people talks.  

Networking Event


Poster presentations give an ideal opportunity to speak to people about your work, talking points to discuss and explore your work – but how can you do this as effectively as possible? This interactive session will show you how to build a great academic poster. From working out your message to perfecting your layout and design. The workshop will help you build confidence and maximise the experience, ensuring you leave the event with contacts, collaborators and maybe even a prize.  


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Prepare appropriate content for an academic poster 

  • Understand how to maximise the poster presentation

  • Share complex information is clear and concise ways 

  • Understand the current approaches and trends in poster presentations. 

About Jamie

Jamie is an award-winning freelance communicator and engagement professional with ten years’ experience in the delivery and evaluation of quality engagement projects. He has won numerous poster prize competitions at academic conferences. Jamie also provides consultancy services to charities and universities helping them to demonstrate their impact and understand their audiences and stakeholders.

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