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Meet ups @ DST 


LGBTQ+ Meet Ups @DST2019

Whether this is your first convention or your hundredth, whether you are flying solo or beaming down with an away team you are welcome to join us the DST LGBTQ+ Meet Ups. Any last minute updates will be posted on Facebook and Whatsapp so it is recommended that you join one of those. 
Any questions, or can't find us - Text/whatsapp Jamie on +447701041688 

Thursday: Arrival meet and dinner (7 - 9pm) Fb Event link

Meet at 7pm in the Hilton Bar, look for some rainbows! Together we'll then head for dinner in Nando's at 7.30pm before coming back to the hilton for the Trekkie Girl Quiz at 9pm (the quiz is still tbc). 

Friday: Party get together (9.30pm) Fb Event link 
Meet at 9.30pm in the Hilton bar area. Look for the rainbows and some exquisite cosplay. Come and say hello before we party the night away. 

Saturday: Party get together (9.30pm) Fb Event Link 

Again we'll meet at the Hilton Bar area before we party! Join us. 

What is an LGBTQ+ Meet up

The LGBTQ+ meet ups started in 2018.. They are an opportunity to meet up ​and share the convention with likeminded people and bring the LGBTQ+ Star Trek community closer together.. They are designed to be a safe and comfortable environments where everyone is sure of a warm welcome.

We're often asked if people who are not part of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome - which they are! Everyone is welcome to the meet ups, but please bear in mind that they are a space for the LGBTQ+ community to feel comfortable. Everyone should use respectful and inclusive language respecting people, their pronouns and identity. 

The events are unofficial and not organised or endorsed by Showmasters or CBS. 

Badges and Albert Kennedy Trust 

​Last year we made rainbow badges to increase our visible presence at the convention, identify each other and raise money for the fabulous Albert Kennedy Trust. Last year we raised over £800 to support young LGBTQ+ people who are living with homelessness or in hostile environments. 

For 2019 the badges have now sold out. 

Ways to keep in touch 

​There are lots of ways to get to know people before you event arrive at DST and to keep in contact with your new friends after the event. 

Facebook Group 

Facebook Messenger Group 

Whatsapp group 


At the meet ups, or any time during the convention you can get free stickers from Jamie. There are two kinds: 

Rainbow insignia: These have pronouns printed on them and have a space for your name. Idea for the meet ups. 

Traffic light insignia: Three different stickers to indicate your preferences with social interaction to let others know if you'd like to speak to other people or not. 

Missed anything?  

Is there anything missing, something you'd like to see or something which would make you feel more comfortable - let us know. 

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