November trundles

The open door on my Star Wars Lego advent mark the passing of another month. November was a brilliant mix of things. Lots of workshops, performances and interviews. I've picked a few highlights for this month.

November in numbers:

  • 2950 miles travelled by train (same as London to Moscow)

  • 64 hours consultancy

  • 25 hours running workshops

  • 10 hours performing on stage

Jamie Gallagher standing on a stage
Photo credit: @Andrestrujado

Do you smell almonds?

November saw the start of a new show for me. "Do you smell almonds?" looks at the flavours and smells of chemistry. This all came from my fascination of cola (which I've just finished writing a book on, due out next year!). Cola started off a cocaine fused wine to help wean opium addicts off their habit, so it's changed a lot over its 133 year history. Form a chemist's perspective it is a fascinating mix of volatile aromatic compounds - some are familiar and pleasant like cinnamon and vanilla while others you'd never guess like hay, cheese and...dung.

I was delivering these talks for the Training Partnership who put on brilliant days for GCSE and A Level students across the country.

Getting Social

A new workshop for me "getting social" looks at the uses, benefits and pitfalls for researchers using social media. It was odd, considering I spend so much time on it, that I've never really spoken about how to use it.

Was great to put together a short course for postgraduate researchers at the University of Aberdeen. We look at different platforms, tools and then rounded off the day creating some video content.

Trade me for a shiny

Before I became freelance I didn't even know that Science Trade Shows were things, but they totally are! I was delighted to be the keynote for my second one this year when the Suppliers a Go Go team invited me down to share my Sci Comm journey with them.

If you are curious what a science trade show is, it's a place where companies come to display all their equipment - because Argos do