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Rainbow Insignia Pin Badge

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations. Show your love for equality and Star Trek with this enamel pin. The rainbow badge is gold coated and 30 mm long with a butterfly clutch fastener. There are 80 badges to be claimed. 

This is a fan replica pin and is not endorsed by the Star Trek franchise or the Destination Star Trek Event. No profit will be generated from these badges. The price is a suggested donation price to cover the cost of manufacture only. If you would rather donate a higher or lower amount please email Jamie to reserve your pin, donations are not obligatory. Any profit generated will go to the LGBT Foundation. No money will be exchanged at the convention. 

Collecting your badge:
Currently these badges are only availible for collection at Destination Star Trek. Any spares will be availible for delivery from 4th November.

You will be able to collect your pin from me (Jamie Gallagher) or one of the LGBTQ+ Destination Star Trek Facebook Group admins. I will be attending the convention for the whole weekend. Collection options: 

a) Come to one of the LGBTQ+ Meetups: Fri 21:30 @ The party / Sun 10:20 @ the hall food area.
b) Say hello to Jamie, Dean or one of the Simons if you spot us
c) Text/Whatsapp Jamie (07701041688) to arrange a time and place to collect. 

We'll make it as easy as possible for you to find us and get your pins but it will be your responsibility to get in touch or come to the meet up to arrange something.

Any questions please get in touch 

Rainbow Insignia Pin Badge


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